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The Production Process...

What's up dudes!? Here's a shot I took of Kenny (K Double Duds/KWW) while we were swimming in some salt water pools on Maui!

First off, if you're reading this THANK YOU! We really appreciate your support and interest in our music and work as a whole. I wanted to take a moment to elaborate a bit on our production process as a band. Kenny and I are located at two opposite ends of the world, so recording requires us to be very comfortable with playing to a metronome... we start with a scratch take using an SM57 for the most part to capture vocals and guitar and then we use the framework of the scratch take to build from there. As each song grows we'll both eventually take a step away from it and pass it on to one another. Once we feel the song has reached a full enough point I'll go through every track and equalize them to make them sound extra crispy for YOUR beautiful ears and finally I'll master the track to ensure that all our little duckies are in a row.


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