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How I'm Using Humor to Survive My 'Quarter Life Crisis': Made of Dreams Podcast with Ashley Riley

Hey hey, it's Kenny, and I recently had a blast being a guest on the "Made of Dreams" podcast with my friend Ashley Riley. We chatted about my use of humor in songwriting, and my latest album "Quarter Life Crisis."

I first met Ashley Riley at the Durango Songwriters Expo in Ventura, CA. We hit it off immediately, bonding over our shared love for music, haircare, and our goofy senses of humor. We stayed in touch after the expo and when Ashley invited me to be a guest on her podcast, I jumped at the opportunity. I definitely recommend listening to the full podcast, but let me give you the lowdown on our conversation, too.

We talked a lot about how I incorporate humor into my music. I let Ashley in on my secret that humor is the ultimate tool for connecting with my audience. If people can relate to my humor, they're more likely to feel a personal connection with my music. Plus, humor can help tackle heavy topics like anxiety and relationship trouble, making them more approachable and relatable. Ashley's told me before that she thinks I should try stand-up, which sounds like it could be fun, but also pretty intimidating!!

We also dove into my newest album, "Quarter Life Crisis." It's all about the challenges of being in your mid-twenties, like feeling lost, struggling to find your place, and navigating relationships (or lack thereof). I got my inspiration from my own experiences and conversations with my friends, and I talk a little about that during the podcast too. We chat about the process of creating the songs and the music videos, too! Spoiler alert: it's a lot of DIY!!

Ashley and I had a ball throughout the podcast, even sharing some funny moments together. We geeked out about Gilmore Girls and talked about the importance of having a solid support system, both in life and in the music industry. Having friends who believe in your music and support your goals can make all the difference when you're feeling down or uncertain.

That's Ashley on the right, me in the center, and our friend Sarah Bonsignore on the left!

Overall, I had a blast on the "Made of Dreams" podcast. I loved sharing some behind-the-scenes stories about my creative process and how humor plays a big part in my music. If you want to hear more about my process and my music, check out the full episode on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Make sure to leave a 5-star review and subscribe to Ashley's podcast for more great convos!!

Thanks for tuning in!


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