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The Other Realm is an alternative-pop project from songwriter Kenny Ward. Listeners can expect story-centric songwriting, queer perspective, clever rhymes, and slick productions that take "a humorous, sometimes scathing look at current ideas" (MyEmuIsEmo, 2020). Kenny's writing style aims to bring honesty and relatability to pop music. Martin from The Musical Hype writes that "The Other Realm nails it [with] incredibly enjoyable and honest pop joint(s)" (2022).

The Other Realm's music is a unique blend of pop and rock elements, all self-produced in a home studio. Writing about the band, Indie Music Bus shared, "Creativity, in general, isn’t a problem for [Kenny]...If your life includes quoting Patent Pending lyrics, you’ll find another soul mate in The Other Realm." 

In 2019, the band's debut single "The Whole World's Melting" was a top-three winner at the Annual Hawaii Songwriting Festival, and was also awarded first place honors in the Coffee Attic Songwriting Competition.

Kenny recently released the album "Quarter Life Crisis" in February 2023, which was called "unapologetically witty" by TJPL Magazine.

Kenny's new single "Pocketknife" was released in March 2024 and will be followed by his third studio album, "Secret Life of an American Queer" in May 2024.

The Other Realm is based in New Haven, Connecticut.

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