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The Other Realm

The Other Realm is an alternative-pop/rock duo formed by brothers Kenny and Billie Ward. With their story-centric songwriting and folksy, spellbinding sound, the Ward brothers aim to transport their listeners to "The Other Realm".


The brothers have played music together for years and in a variety of projects, but The Other Realm marks their first official collaboration as a band.  Their musical process is pretty unique, though.  The band is based in New Haven, Connecticut; Kenny leads with songwriting, while Billie is a production guru, perfectly finessing the band’s sound and using his multi-instrumental talents to help build out a fuller sound.

The brothers balance each other's sounds.  Billie's primary influences in music are punk, ska, and reggae, while Kenny is influenced by pop, hip hop, and singer/songwriters.  This wide mix of influences and combination of musical backgrounds shows in tracks from The Other Realm, which can often grab from a variety of genres to create a unique sound all of its own.

Band Members

Meet the guys.

Kenny Ward

Kenny Ward is one half of the bi-coastal band, The Other Realm.  He is a singer, songwriter, and guitar player based in Maui, Hawaii, and has shared bills with acts including Teddy Geiger, Kenny Loggins, A Great Big World, Ryan Cabrera, and more.  In 2019, Kenny’s original song “The Whole World’s Melting” was chosen as a winner in the Maui Songwriting Competition, and additionally, placed 3rd at the Hawaii Songwriting Festival's annual songwriting competition.  As a songwriter, he has been compared to Lily Allen, Jason Mraz, and Sheryl Crow.  Kenny's main musical influences are pop and singer/songwriters, which provides a mellowness to the band's sound.

Billie Ward

A band wouldn't be complete without its Drummer and Producer.  Billie is a production extraordinaire, learning technique and growing his skills with each release.  Not only does Billie hand the majority of the production and technical sides of recording, he's also the band's drummer, providing you with a nice groove on each track.  Beyond that, you can hear Bill's skills as the lead singer on "Sifting Sand" and as a multi-instrumentalist on almost every track, filling in wherever is needed, be it lead guitar licks, a funky bassline, or even some claps and snaps. Billie's influences are primarily punk, ska, and reggae, all of which help add an extra flare to the band's sound.

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