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Christmas EP & Elephant Wire Podcast 🐘🔮🎄

2020 is winding down (and what a year it's been!) Billie and I are now back in Connecticut again, and we did a great cross-country roadtrip in a Goofy Movie fashion. Obviously, I was Goofy and Billie was Max. Anyways, we had a blast and filmed some cool music videos along the way, including one for our cover of "Holly Jolly Christmas" that is coming soon.

Speaking of Christmas, our holiday EP "Christmas in the Other Realm" is now available on all major streaming and download platforms. We've got three festive tracks on there, including two originals called "I'll Be Home (This Year)" and "Twenty-Something Christmas". We filmed a fun music video for "Twenty-Something Christmas," too, and that's coming out in a week or so. For now, go check out the EP and get in the holiday spirit with our new tunes!

Also, we were recently featured on an absolutely phenomenal podcast called "Elephant Wire". The show is truly chaotic in all the best ways, and they consistently remind you that major labels are thieving bastards (where's the lie?). Each week, Jake (the host) breaks down lyrics of really well-known songs and he's got the perfect mix of insight and comedy. He also features a local band each week, which is pretty rad of him. We are lucky enough to be on his radar and he talks about us on Episode 4. You can check that out on Apple Podcasts (or wherever else). Thanks Jake for being a rockstar and remember: F*ck the man, hail Britney Spears, hug your mom!

We'll post more soon about the Christmas EP, more music videos, and some exciting upcoming releases in 2021.


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