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"Average Jeaux" by The Other Realm

We just put out our new single Average Jeaux last week, and we're so excited that it's out in the world. I wrote this track a long time ago and have always wanted to release it, but every time I recorded it, something felt off. After our third go around trying to record the

song, we were finally feeling like it was in the right spot. The track is one of my favorite songs that I've written, and I've always loved seeing people's reactions when I perform it live.

One of my favorite things about "Average Jeaux" is that even though it's super snarky, we can all recognize some of what "Jeaux" does in ourselves. For example, I brew my own kombucha just like Jeaux does in the song, and Billie's sporting an "over-tended beard" of his own. It's become a running joke that whenever someone does anything a little too "hipster," they get called Jeaux.

We're working on an official music video for the song that has Billie dressed up and playing the part of Jeaux: fedora, glasses, tattoo and all. We're putting out that video soon, but for now, you can check out the lyric video that we put out recently.

The song has seen some love on a few Pop and Alt-Pop playlists on Spotify, and we're so glad to see people enjoying the song. Check if out for yourself by watching the lyric video or by finding the song on your favorite streaming platform.

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