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The Whole World's Melting

as heard on Teleport

Verse 1:

Gimme a Range Rover, get me a bulldozer

Knock down the trees so I can build a mansion supernova.

I need a bigger motor, another cup holder,

My kid’s can undo global warming when they get older

Think you’re so underprivileged with your iPhone,

Eating fruit grown in another time zone.

A shrink-wrapped lunch from another state,

You’re throwing half away so you can lose some weight.



We’re living in excess, living in greed

I don’t like dirt but I don’t love green.

Inject my veins with propylene, I’m a suped-up money making machine



And the whole world’s melting, the whole world’s melting

The whole world’s melting, you’re pointing at me and I’m pointing at you

The whole world’s melting, the whole world’s melting,

The whole world’s melting, and we’ll never know what to do


Verse 2:

Another corporation, another gas station,

Our carbon footprint’s growing faster than the population.

Forget about phonics, we’re hooked on electronics.

I know I use it but I can’t tell you what silicon is.

GMO’s on BPA plates, but the FDA swears it’ll be OK.

There’s a dark, dark future not far away,

But who cares? We’re all gonna die someday.


Prechorus 1x

Chorus 1x



Well now I don’t care how much fuel it takes, 

I need a bottle of wine imported from Spain.

Get me diamonds from South Africa, 

No Walmart coffee, need Arabica.

I need a handmade shirt with a sweatshop touch,

Import it from China if it costs too much

Get me snow cones from Antartica,

Cuz nothing’s too good for America.


Chorus 1x

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