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Sifting Sand

as heard on Teleport

Verse 1:

On the summer days I like to pedal to the ocean shore. 

Drink a glass of something nice, think about the years before. 

Look around at what I see, lovers line the shore galore. 

I wonder why no one's with me, loneliness is my rapport...


Chorus 1:

I'm a lover without a love, slowly drifting out to sea.

The ocean swallows me all by myself... is there something wrong with me? 

The waves they crash and pull me under - and drag me to ocean floor.

But as I sink you know I wonder, will this loneliness haunt me forevermore? 


Verse 2:

The days they come the days they go, but solidarity stays close. 

Beneath the sea I stay afloat but like a school-less fish I swim alone. 

I think of me - I think of them, why are we all on our own? 

It's thoughts like these I must condemn, things aren't bleak they're just unknown. 


Chorus 2: 

I'm a lover without a lover, sifting sand upon the ocean floor. 

I really couldn't act much dumber, I won't waste my time down here anymore. 

I swim on up to the fresh warm air, and paddle towards all I see. 

I got no loving girl but I don't care, I'll just love my life till lovin' girl finds me. 


Verse 3: 

I go about my normal life - happy days and happy nights. 

I do not look for love to come, I live a life that's full of fun. 

But if I find that special girl, I'll let her into my big world. 

We'll pedal to the ocean shore, we'll drink some beer and love some more. 

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