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released October 2019

Verse 1:

Did you feel spellbound wandering Salem, Massachusetts?

The twinkling twilight the night we camped out in my parent's car

Did you buy a love potion?

It worked, I fell so in love with you.

But now the circle's been broken.

The sun's come up, our magic's spent.

Prechorus 1:

It was magic falling deeper in love each day with you.

Baby, did you feel that magic, too?



I think a witch cast a spell on us to make us fall in love,

Or to fool us into thinking that we did.

It was magic flowing through us when we kissed on Essex Street,

But that feels so far away perhaps it call was just a dream.

If I take you back to Salem, a witch can cast another spell,

Or at least give me a potion that can end my heartbreak hell.

Oh I'm in heartbreak hell.

Verse 2:

I think the spell was well-intentioned.

All true witches preach that love can save the world.

Or maybe the witch has once fallen in love herself,

And she thought, "I must give the boys the gift of knowing how I felt"


Prechorus 1x

Chorus 1x


I thought I'd be fine to take a trip here without you,

But I keep seeing our old haunts and my heart just rips in two.

They say magic's very simple let yourself have what you want,

But, baby, all I want it you.

Final Chorus:

I don't think a witch cast a spell on us; we really fell in love.

Two feels who got too wrapped up in the world.

No tarot cards or crystal balls could have predicted this:

You're leaving so let's end this spell with one last kiss.

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