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New Year's Eve

released February 2020

Verse 1:

Who am I gonna kiss on New Year's Eve?

Who am I gonna tell about my day?

Who will hold me tight until I sleep and start to dream?

Who will be there when I'm old and grey?

Who will I watch TV with and who will share the wine?

Who will help me understand that it's okay to cry?

Verse 2:

Who will kiss me 'neath the mistletoe?

Who will hold my hand and keep my warm out in the snow?

Who will I buy chocolate for and who will help with math?

Who will check to make sure that I don't drown in the bath?

Who will roll their eyes at me but always make me laugh?

And when I have a pizza, who will eat the other half?

Verse 3:

Who is gonna be my Valentine?

Who will I annoy at dinner time?

Who will be there with me when I'm traveling the globe?

And who will bring me pumpkins when I'm sad and far from home?

Who will help me to pursue my passions every day?

And tell me when I'm stressed that everything will be okay?

Verse 4:

Who is gonna heal me when my heart's broke, feeling blue?

And who is gonna tell me that I'll be fine without you?



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