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New Year's Day

released January 2020

Verse 1:

I spent the last year putting myself together.

I spent 12 months picking up the broken parts.

A lot of damn time looking myself in the mirror,

And trying to find love for the man I see and his darkest parts.

I spent a whole year trying to forgive myself

For the things I didn't know and for putting my heart through hell.

I spent a whole year learning that the world just ain't mine to control,

And that accepting that means I'll finally let shit go.

Prechorus 1:

But I know, I know, I know I'm not there yet,

I've still got work to do.

But I've grown, I've grown, and I've made my way

Towards peace and this beautiful truth.



I know when I wake up on New Year's Day

I'll finally let myself feel okay.

And I know, I can't keep fighting against the change.

And that's how I'll learn to be okay,

Working on it each and every day.

Yeah, that's how I'll learn to be okay, hey hey,

And I'm starting on New Year's Day.

Verse 2:

I spend a whole year telling everyone I was fine,

And spent just as much time praying somebody would call me out on every lie.

I lost an awful lot of time to playing that victim game,

But now I've gotta make peace with change and stop searching for somebody to blame.


Prechorus 1x

Chorus 1x

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