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Glass House Lover

as heard on Teleport

Verse 1:

You've changed, or maybe it's just me

But either way, I can finally see how unkind you've really come to be.

And it hurts; does it ever hurt you, too?

Or are you still trapped in your facade

Of games and sex and getting bombed?

Pretending everything is still okay



You never really cared for me

You never really cared for me



Sweat-soaked and drenched in cheap cologne

I'd do anything to avoid being alone

And I'm sorry for my bitter taste,

But you fooled me once and I'm disgraced.

I was a glass house lover but you went and threw a stone

Oh, I should of known


Verse 2:

Is this what I was put here for?

Just to drive you to the liquor store,

And pray that there'll be something more?

I know we'll never make it in the end.

I'm an optimist, but I've been getting pissed,

And if I leave now, I know I won't be missed.

I'm so tired of waking up alone


Prechorus 2:

I'm naked with a note beside my bed,

And I can't seem to get you out of my head

Chorus 1x

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