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"Solitaire" Music Video Out Now

Updated: May 2, 2020

Our new single "Solitaire" dropped just a few days ago and now we're super stoked to share the music video, too! We filmed this bad boy all on our own, and exercised our right to craft with some fun stop-motion.

This song is sort of our "introvert anthem". I wrote this song while doing a lot of self-reflection and realizing that even though I can be really bubbly and love to do things and see people, a lot of times I find what I crave most is a quiet night in with some tea and time to binge Disney+ shows. We decided to put this song out now (Spring of 2020) since everyone is pretty much required to stay home and adapt the introvert lifestyle during the quarantine/social-distancing times of the coronavirus pandemic. I know some people are struggling with it, but maybe this video can show you the silver linings of staying home and finding some peace all on your own.

A little fun background on us and video making, Billie and I used to always make videos when we were younger, and for a few Christmases we made these cute videos of us being awkward preteens lip-syncing to Christina Aguilera and Paul McCartney Christmas songs. We would even do stop-motion in those, doing fun effects with the lights on the tree or having a nutcracker walk across the screen or gifts move on their own. Anyways, making this kind of reminded me of that! Except this video is (hopefully) much better and we're singing to our own songs now, rather than Xtina karaoke!

This song and video are a real labor of love and something that I'm super proud of and excited to share with the world. I am someone who can be peppy and friendly and fun when I'm out and about, but it can get tiring and sometimes I really need a proverbial game of "Solitaire" to recharge me mental/emotional batteries. I hope this song and it's goofy little video about the King of Spades brings you a little joy, and maybe even a place for you to see your own self represented in a music video.

Peace, love, and please be quiet so I can read another chapter.

-Kenny (and Billie, too, but he didn't write this!)

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