The Other Realm is an alternative-pop duo formed by brothers Kenny and Billie Ward. Listeners can expect story-centric songwriting, clever rhymes, and slick, moody productions that take "a humorous, sometimes scathing look at current ideas" (Indie Music Bus, 2020).

In 2019, the band's lead single "The Whole World's Melting" was a top-three winner at the Annual Hawaii Songwriting Festival, and was also awarded first place honors in the Coffee Attic Songwriting Competition.  

Writing about the band, Indie Music Bus shared, "Creativity in general isn’t a problem for the duo...If your life includes quoting Patent Pending lyrics, you’ll find another soul mate in The Other Realm."

The band is based in New Haven, Connecticut, and their upcoming album "Maladaptive Behaviors" is expected in 2021.  

Sounds like:

Lauv, Troye Sivan, Weezer, Quinn XCII, Lily Allen, ROLEMODEL, Declan McKenna, Fountains of Wayne


Teleport (EP, 2019)

New Year's Eve (Single, 2019)

New Year's Day (Single, 2020)

Christmas in the Other Realm  (EP, 2020)

Solitaire (Single, 2020)

Waiting Room (Album, 2021)

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